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Sustainable considerations are of growing interest in the construction sector and are even recommended by the European Construction Product Regulation (CPR). Based on that development the InData Working Group was founded in order to provide a platform for exchanging experience and harmonization of ongoing activities.

InData is an informal, non-profit working group of interested stakeholders who support the mission of InData. This is to establish an open web based international data network structure for EPD/LCA data using a common data format and open source software; primarily for construction products based on EPD information, open for other products.

This site offers information about the InData Working Group and provides access to documents and specifications. At a later stage, it is foreseen to also serve as an entry point to an international open data network for sustainable construction. EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) and other basis data for (construction) LCA calculations provide the required material data based on calculation methods according to international standards such as EN 15804 and ISO 21930.



During the World Sustainable Building Conference 2014 in Barcelona, a growing interest in structuring and using information from Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for sustainable construction was recognized. Subsequently, the German Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) initiated a first meeting of interested international stakeholders, who met in Berlin in March 2015 in order to discuss how to exchange experience and harmonize ongoing activities. Today, the InData Working Group consists of public and research institutions, EPD program operators and experts.



The Decalogue expresses the main objectives of the InData Working Group that have been agreed upon.


Open international data network


Common quality rules


Common core information

Background database


Mandatory 3rd party verification of data


Different types of data

EN 15804 compliant

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ILCD+EPD data format


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