Data Related Documents


FAQ: ILCD+EPD format, CPEN2018 InData Compliance

FAQ regarding the "Table of Definitions of ILCD+EPD Data format" document.

Table of Definitions ILCD+EPD format, CPEN2018 InData

Definitions and explanations of the ILCD+EPD data format fields.


Technical Documents


Developer Documentation

Specification, examples and XML Schemas for the ILCD+EPD format and technical documentation for developers. This development has been funded by BBSR and contributed for use by the InData WG.


Work Group Related Documents



The Decalogue expresses the main objectives of the InData Working Group that have been agreed upon.

InData Infoflyer

A 2-page summary of the InData objectives and activites.




ILCD Validation Tool

This tool can be used to assess the technical validity of data in the ILCD+EPD data format.